Sunday, February 12, 2017

Self-challenge Week 11

A while back I posted my progress on two bowls. The first one got finished in week 6 of this self-challenge. And today, the second one is done.

In the time between January 8 and now, I decided to do something with the interior and finally settled on etching in a text. This is intended to be an enigmatic object, so I won't be revealing the nature of the text. LSMW-2017-EA-003 is a Bowl of Unknown Use With Interior Text. It was found in a non-grave context in one of the mounds excavated by the Elsewhen Antiquities project.

Exterior patina is ferric nitrate with a little cupric nitrate.

Liver of Sulfur patina on the inside.

Some of the text. Any guesses what it says?


  1. You will be driving archeologist, a thousand years from now, crazy!😄
    This bowl turned out fabulous!... what was your etching mordant and resist, ask this inquiring mind.😄

  2. Edinburgh etch (3 parts ferric chloride, 1 part citric acid); resist was Stabilo OH Universal pen, fine tip. Magic marker for the edge and plastic shopping bag glued onto the outside. Since it's a bowl I just poured the mordant into it. 40 minutes etching time.