Sunday, January 8, 2017

Self Challenge Week 6

Several days were unproductive this week because I was laid low by some passing micro-organism. While I began to feel better by Thursday, there wasn't time to complete very much.

Still, I was able to move things around in the studio and get a little more organized and I was able to put the patina, sealer, and gold leaf on an Elsewhen Antiquities piece that I showed back on November 5th. The patina is Liver of Sulfur. It's sealed with Renaissance Wax and the three spots with gold are 23 kt leaf.

The patina actually has more reds and iridescence in it, but my photo skills are't up to showing it.

I'm still working out how to mount this on a wooden plaque for display so I suppose there's a question as to whether this counts as a finished piece.

What do you think? Finished enough to count?

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