Friends and Mentors

These are some of the folks that have been instrumental in helping me find my way as a metalsmith. I owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Genevieve Flynn runs a wonderful studio and offers classes from visiting instructors. Without her, I would not have had the chance to meet many of the artists I've learned from. She's also been a stalwart supporter of my dream to become a metals artist.

David Huang His work is the reason I do this kind of metalwork. He's an incredible artist and a skilled and generous teacher. My work is absolutely influenced by his. I can only hope that my imitation is seen as the sincere flattery that I intend. His workshop on angle raising taught me how to form vessels.

Il Maestro Fabrizio Acquafresca is a master of Italian style chasing and repousse. He's also a gifted instructor. His workshop taught me the basics of chasing and gave me the ability to form metal in detail.

Liza Nechamkin carries on the legacy of American silversmithing tradition that was exemplified by firms like Tiffany and Gorham.  In her ongoing effort to preserve the American silversmithing tradition she makes amazing chasing tools and hammers. I greatly benefited from her workshop on the low-relief style of chasing.

Chi-Yu (Kevin) Lin is a local jewelry artist who teaches a class in jewelry and metalwork at St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley. His class has generated a close-knit group of metals artists who take it over and over. It was where I started to build my dream of being a metals artist. Kevin's friendship and support have been invaluable.

Leia Zumbro is another St. Louis jewelry artist whose friendship and support have meant a lot to my growth. I met her when she taught Kevin's class at Flo Valley one semester.

Meri Ellen Taylor has been a consistent voice of encouragement telling me to get going and put my work out in public.

Cathy Gregory Studio Gallery gave me a chance by showing nine of my vessels in their 2014 Holiday Show. Greg and Cathy Gobberdiel are some of the finest people one could meet and run their gallery as only a pair of working artists could.

Society for Midwest Metalsmiths  Among its many activities in support of metalwork, SMM hosts workshops by visiting artists. I've learned fold-forming and container construction from two of their workshops and expect to take others. A great resource for metals artists in this part of the country.

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