Saturday, November 5, 2016

Two vessels a little later on

The two vessels that I posted about on the 20th are getting closer to done.

Here's the high relief vessel.

The shapes are lots crisper now. I soldered the hole that it had and was able to chase over the repair. So it's a good solid repair.

The solder repair from the back (before it gets scraped down to the minimum amount needed.)
The solder repair from the front. Practically invisible.
What remains is to decide how to handle the eye. There are some dings in it that interrupt the smoothness of the plain copper surface. If the metal were thicker, I'd sand and buff them out. But that won't work in this gauge metal without making it too thin. So I need to chase a texture into it that will obscure the dings and, ideally, enhance the look of the piece. That will have to wait for a new day and a fresh eye.

This is where I've gotten to on the low relief one.

There's some more texturing to do but it's pretty close to the point where all the hammering is done and it's time to patina it.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way these are going. They've presented some interesting challenges and I've learned a good deal from them.


  1. I love your new set-up and these new pieces are stunning - I love the owl bowl. Did you use such thin copper because the piece was going to have so much high relief? I want these skills in my toolbox ... to do what you do. I can't wait until retirement.